Activating as Process

I was watching the Colbert Report the other day and noticed an interesting new Process (it seems actually to originate from Glenn Beck in 2010). Two people from Occupy Walk Street were talking about the movement:

The thing about this movement is that people are spontaneously activating with it

It seems interesting that the new OWS has moved from ‘activism’ as a Participant to be acted upon or discussed to ‘activate’ as an intransitive material Process (as opposed to the transitive ‘activate your account’). While it is suggestive of something more ‘active’ it also seems perhaps temporary, almost a lifestyle choice.

Actually I think it was Glenn Beck who originally used it, as a transitive verb meaning something like ‘to cause or induce political activism’:

Jon Stewart has shown his colors along with Comedy Central and Stephen Colbert and they are going to activate the youth to try to get them to vote with the Labor Unions


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