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Activity: Expression and new information

A difficulty for all levels is recognising what is presented as new information within the clause. New information comes through stress in the Expression stratum and differs from the Theme – Rheme distinction of the clause. Here is a short activity … Continue reading

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Activity: I wish I could fly

Here is a quick and simple activity for Elementary or Junior High students that highlights the importance of stress for New information. It followed on from a lesson using “I wish…”. First, at the top of the whiteboard, write the … Continue reading

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I came across this question the other day in an Elementary class: What are you wearing? It appears quite straightforward and grammatically of course it is, coming in a textbook unit on present progressive. Usually, that’s as far as it goes. Thinking … Continue reading

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As well as the grammatical system of THEME, the clause as a message also carries “a unit that is parallel to the clause” (H & M, p.88): the information unit. This is a system of Given and New information, where … Continue reading

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